Assorted Butterfly Embellishment Grab Bag - 50 Pcs

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  • Butterfly Applique Embellishments
  • Sold in assorted packs of 50 pieces. 
  • Buy a variety of butterflies to make the perfect centerpiece for a DIY project. Each piece is small enough to be attached in the center of a 4" daisy hair clip, or anywhere else that needs brightening.
  • Would be great as accents in your scrapbook!
  • Most are soft enough to be sewn onto your little girls' favorite outfit.
  • Each piece can measure as small as 1" up to 2.5" across. Perfect for Layering!
  • Possible Prints Include: Stars & Stripes, Floral, Polka Dot, Stars, Plaid, Fuzzy, Pastel Polka Dots, Satin Polka Dots, Shimmer Organza & Cotton Polka Dots or Lace.
  • Possible Colors Include: Pink, Green, Yellow, Red, White, Black, Blue, Purple, Aqua, Lavender, Lime Green, Bright Rainbow, Orange, pastel, or Brown.

 * The photos used are only a representation of what a Butterfly Embellishment grab bag assortment could contain. Not all colors and styles are shown here. Your selection will vary.