Kids Knit Mermaid Scarves

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If your little one is a big "Mermaid" fan, you are going to LOVE these adorable little scarves.  They measure 55" long and are very soft and comfy to wear.  There is a slot to easily slide the scarf through to help hold it in place.


1. Beige with Brown Pom Pom

2. Dark Pink with Blue Pom Pom

3. Dark Red with Green Pom Pom

4. Harvest Gold with Brown Pom Pom

5. Gray with Red Pom Pom

6. Ivory with Gold Pom Pom

7. Navy Blue with Red Pom Pom

8. Red with Blue Pom Pom

9. Blush with Mint Pom Pom

10. Black with Dark Red Pom Pom

11. Green with Yellow Pom Pom